Upcoming Events and Clinics at Brookleigh

Clinics and Workshops in September - for more info select calendar month above

1 Sep -  Les Bunning Show Jumping Lessons

4 Sept- Friday Dressage Training Evening (Click here for Start Times)

8 Sep -  Les Bunning Show Jumping Lessons

15 Sep -  Les Bunning Show Jumping Lessons

16-17 Sep - Steve Brady Clinic

22 Sep -  Les Bunning Show Jumping Lessons

25 -28 Sep - Wayne Roycroft Showjumping & XC Clinic

25-27 Sept- Martin Contreras Workshop: Body Language for Liberty Training 

28 Sept- Dressage Training Day (Click here for Start Times)

29 Sep -  Les Bunning Show Jumping Lessons

3-4 October- Rod Brown Showjumping Clinic

6-10 October- Jon Pitts- Private Lessons: XC, SJ, Body Function or Performance Review

19-20  December- 2 Day Horsemanship Clinic with Dan Steers



Sharon Jarvis - Resident Coach at Brookleigh

Sharon Jarvis, NCAS Level 1 Dressage Coach, holds weekly group dressage lessons for adults at Brookleigh on Wednesdays. She is also available for private lessons, and for training and/or competition campaigning of horses and ponies. Visit her website at www.sharonjarvis.comMore info....

Brookleigh Dressage Training Evenings

The Brookleigh Dressage Training Evenings are held on Friday evenings see calendar for dates . To download an entry form, click here.  More info....

Swan River Dressage Training Days

To download an entry form for Swan River Dressage Training Days, click here

W.A.Y.E.R Clinics

W.A.Y.E.R (West Australian Young Event Riders)  clinics are run over several days, the first two including flatwork and arena jumping and the third day an extended cross-country session. New members are welcome. More info....

Swan River Showjumping Club

Swan River Showjumping Club is based at Brookleigh. For full details on Training Days, Shows, Club Championship and Membership, click here.

Sonja Johnson Cross Country Clinics 

Sonja Johnson, our own WA Olympic Silver Medallist, has trained and taught at Brookleigh for many years. She now holds regular monthly Cross Country Clinics at Brookleigh. To read more about Sonjas career and acheivements, click here.

Les Bunning Showjumping Clinics

Les Bunning is renowned in WA Showjumping circles. He gives regular lessons at Brookleigh. More info....

Ron Paterson Dressage Clinics

Ron Paterson is an FEI International Judge (Horse Trials), a National A Level Dressage Judge, an educator and examiner in programs for judges and coaches, and an assessor in the Queensland Inter-School Equestrian Association (QISEA).  Ron Paterson holds regular clinics at Brookleigh. More info....

Steve Brady Clinics

Steve Brady is one of Australias most respected and requested horsemanship clinicians.  For further information go to:  www.stevebradyhorsemanship.com or click here

Ian Stewart Clinics

Ian Stewart is known by many as a “master horseman”.  He has earned this reputation with over 35 years’ experience and the cornerstone of his work has come from helping hundreds of horses heal and avoid problems. For more information, click here

Peter Shaw Clinics

Peter Shaw has successfully coached riders in dressage and showjumping from beginners to Grand Prix and Event riders to Olympic level. To learn more about Peter, click here.

Manolo Mendez Clinics

Manolo has been involved in the training of dressage horses to Haute Ecole level for many years. Visit Manolo's website at www.manolomendez.com or click here for more info.

'Hoofbeats Magazine'

Information about the WA Show Scene can be found in Hoofbeats Magazine and also online in their FREE WA Show Scene e-magazine. For the Hoofbeats e-Preview link click here, and for the WA Show Scene e-Preview click here. Or visit the Hoofbeats website at www.hoofbeats.com.au