Brookleigh corporate events


A Unique Retreat In The Swan Valley

Recharge And Reward.


Whilst the Brookleigh Estate is only 10 minutes from Perth airport you will feel a world away. Whether you are rewarding your employees, stimulating ideas or recharging batteries the Brookleigh corporate health retreat gives employee the tools to better manage their personal and professional lifestyle.

Brookleigh Corporate Heath Retreat

Perfect For Focus
And Self-Improvement


At Brookleigh we understand that your employees are your biggest asset and when our employees are burnt out, our business can suffer. That’s why our corporate retreat is facilitated by people who are over achievers in both their personal and professional lives. They understand the importance of stress management and help your employees learn healthy habits to adopt into their everyday lives.



Physical Activity

We demonstrate the mental and physical benefits that exercise produces. Participants will receive a take home workout to incorporate into their daily lives.


Healthy food

Nutritious and delicious food will be provided including take home dietary tracking sheets and recipes.


Relaxation massages

Indulge and relax in our day spa, leaving the stress and tension of the office behind.

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We encourage our guests to ‘unplug’ whilst they are here and practice gaining comfort by simply doing nothing at all. 

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We teach mindfulness techniques to help develop a range of positive skills that are essential to effectively manage our everyday lives.



Restorative Yoga classes assist with focusing on the connection between breath and movement in the body.