The ‘rustic styled’ wedding has been gaining popularity in recent times, and to be perfectly honest, this is one of our favourites!! However, don’t get rustic and ‘run down’ confused, Brookleigh Estate and a LUXE rustic wedding theme complement each other like no other, there is no better wedding venue to bring this vision to life.

A rustic styled wedding theme is inspired by country life and directs its focus on natural touches and ‘used’ items, and steers away from purchased luxury. Rustic themes usually celebrate the outdoors and incorporate unrefined elements such as timber, metal, hessian, flowers, grasses and raw surfaces. Here are some tips on how to effectively create this style for your wedding day.

Rustic Styled Invitations, Stationary & Signage

First things first….Your invitations!! With the rise in popularity of rustic-style weddings, there has also been an increase in natural-styled wedding invitations. Invitations that fall into this category are ones made from wood, thick parchment, or rough/unfinished feeling paper stock. Remember this style is about simplicity, so steer away from multiple bright colours and ‘flashy’ inks and stick to a more muted, simple colour pallet (sage, cream, dusty pinks, greens etc.).

Wedding signage for a rustic theme is usually made from rustic materials and hand made. It’s hard to go past timber signs with white calligraphy.

Rustic invitations

The Rustic Styled Wedding Venue

Photo Credit: Ring & Veil Photography
Florals: Poppy and Posy
Furniture: Over the Moon Events

An outdoor wedding venue is one of the easiest ways to create a rustic-themed atmosphere. In an outdoor venue, you can immerse yourself and your guests in the gorgeous natural surrounds. Celebrate country life and the outdoors by using a beautiful park, gardens, your favourite peaceful spot in a paddock or even stables or a barn. Once again, the rustic-themed wedding is heavily influenced by natural materials, so keep this in mind when choosing furniture for your ceremony, think timber and muted tones rather than bright whites and metallics. You want your furniture to feel as if it is part of the natural setting.

Wedding Florals & Decorations

Once again, you want simplicity and muted tones to guide you here. Australian Natives always work really well for a rustic-themed wedding, Eucalyptus, gum, protea’s, wattle and olive branches are our top picks with greenery and florals when it comes to a rustic themed wedding. Bouquets should remain unstructured/cascading, just like you’ve picked them from the garden. Elements of lace can also be a nice touch in either your own or your bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Rustic Wedding Fashion

Photo Credit: Folktales Photography

To achieve the rustic look in your wedding party, it’s time to have some fun with different fabrics and colours. Think things like linen, cotton or tweed for the groom and groomsmen, and laces and light fabrics for the bride and bridesmaids. Remember though, steer away from smaller, delicate laces, as these can create more of a vintage instead of rustic feel (unless this is what you’re going for!).

Once again, keep to natural colours (browns, oranges, dusty pinks, greens, dark copper and gold) for the bridal party to really tie the whole atmosphere together.