Swan Valley Bike Hire

For the price of a bottle of wine you can have the means to explore the valley at your own pace.

We have four electric bicycles that will assist your pedalling so that less effort is required and more of the Swan Valley can be accomplished in one day.

We also have modern high quality bikes in a wide variety of men’s and women’s sizes.

Ladies bikes can be lowered to suit most children who are 10 or older, provided that they are experienced on bicycles and are tall enough to be seated safely.

For smaller children we have tag along bikes which remain connected to Mum or Dad’s bike and for the really little ones we have baby seats which are suitable for children under 23kg.

Perhaps the best thing about Perth Electric Bike Hire is that you don’t need a car to get to your bike. We offer a return transfer service from the Guildford Visitors Centre or Train Station. Alternatively, you can have the bikes delivered to you so you can start your ride from any location in the valley.

Our bikes are hybrid which means they are as comfortable and easy to ride as a mountain bike, but as smooth and free rolling as a road bike. These attributes, coupled with 21 gears, means they can be enjoyed by people of any fitness level.


Bicycles Group Rates
1 Hour $10 2 Bikes full day hire $60
2 Hours $18 + 2 Tagalong Bikes $80
3 Hours $24 3 Bikes full day Hire $90
4 Hours $29 4 or more Bikes $25 ea
Full Day $35

Rent 2 bikes for only $60

Bookings of 4 or more are $25/bike/day

Electric Bike

$45 for full day hire (No delivery fee)

Child Seat: ‘Tagalong’ bike $14
Under 4 hrs $5 Tandem bike- hourly rate x 2
Over 4 hrs $10 Extra Water $2